My Week In Photos.

I thought I would do something a bit different for todays post and show you a bit of what I got up to in the last week.

My week post 1

I started off the week with a slightly creative post having had to find a way to decorate my hands. Luckily I had this beautiful necklace by House Of Halos! (Read the full post here)

I should probably explain the cat photo. Little Missy is my on going project. She is rather feral, very scared and currently homeless. I have been trying to bond with her and gain her trust for a couple of weeks now and have finally managed to get her to come close to the house (the food helps). My long-term aim is to adopt her if she will let me of course. I actually wish I had started a blog of our little cat diaries – I know you are all thinking I am a crazy cat lady…..and you would be right.

I actually managed to have a bit of a social life and head over to see some friends for an eatathon (as usual). Required outfits for the night were of course onesies! I got my reindeer onesie from Boohoo.

My Week post 2

I am now back to studying, last week was my second week. I study via distance learning to hopefully achieve my photography degree, I am at the end of my second year of many! I didn’t go to university when I was ‘young’. Part of me wishes I had, but at 27 I think that I take learning more seriously now. As I work for myself full time as a freelance writer I have now decided to designate every Friday to studying (hopefully I shall get some done in the evenings too) which I hope will make my life a little easier.

Saturday night was spent chilling out at home with red wine and chocolate, what more could a girl want?

Hope you liked taking a little peek into my world. As usual feel free to leave a comment or tweet me. If you have done a similar post then leave me your links, I would love to see! x

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