Gymluxe – Fashionably Fit.

Why should the fact that we are working out mean that we can’t also look good? I took a look at Gymluxe who produce high performance gym wear which has a ‘luxe’ look as well as guaranteeing you look stylish what ever the work out. Having only launched in August, Gymluxe have rapidly grown a following, cropping up in women’s magazines everywhere.


Taking a look at their website I decided to treat myself to a couple of pieces. I chose the long line luxe vest (obviously in pink) which is suitable for all workouts including yoga, spin and resistance. It is made from ultra light fabric for cool wear and ease of movement, wicks sweat away from your body, is quick drying and also with its slight flare fits easily around your hips. I always have a problem with tops particularly when running as they always ride up, even styles that are designed specifically not to. I also ordered the diamond cut leggings, which are sweat wicking and drying and have a deep waistband for a flattering and comfortable fit…I also love the mesh panelling which allows for great stretch.


I wore them for my Sleek Technique workout (read about it here) as I thought it would really put them to the test, particularly as it involves a lot of stretching and moving between holds. Even when I was reaching right up for certain moves the top stayed put, where as I would normally be frantically pulling it back down the whole time, distracting myself from what I should be doing. I also found the leggings very flattering and really comfortable as quite often with certain sportswear the stitching becomes irritating and pieces lose their shape. These leggings remained a perfect fit throughout with no unattractive bagging.


I also particularly like the fact that Gymluxe work with UK manufacturers so that all of the pieces are designed and made in Britain. We should be supporting our own UK brands, why go anywhere else?!


Me all dressed up and ready to go, I can’t wait to try these clothes out running! What do you think of Gymluxe? Take a look at their website or follow them on twitter for all the info. I would love to know which pieces have caught your eye!

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