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On Saturday I had the best workout and I just couldn’t wait to tell you all about it. I first heard of Sleek Technique via Twitter, and after looking in to what it was about, I absolutely had to give it a go. Let me explain a little bit about it….Sleek Technique is “a total body fitness method based on authentic ballet technique”. I have always wished that I had gone to ballet as a child, and now at the age of 27 this is the nearest I am going to get to being a ballerina!












Victoria Marr and Flik Swan are the founders of Sleek Technique and they could not be more helpful in getting you ready for you class making you instantly feel motivated, plus the fact they are both beautiful so you cant help but want to look like them! I am aiming to increase my flexibility, improve core strength and lengthen my muscles. Years of running and cycling has actually made my flexibility worse as I had never thought to condition my body in that way. Because of my work schedule I selected the 30 minute Sprint Class which was led by Flik.


This class is 30 minutes of targeted dancer body sculpting. You do not need any fancy equipment, all I was asked to bring to the class was myself, water and a towel. I was a little unsure what to expect, I have to admit. I set up my laptop in my dining room and Flik helpfully lets you know the best way to position it so that I can see her, but most importantly she can see me too. There were two other girls taking the class with me but you set the screen so you cannot see them-I have to say I am glad about that as I didn’t really want people watching my attempts to balance/keep some kind of coordination! After establishing I have no injuries and my current level of exercise, we were off! Flik guided me through the moves which I managed to pick up reasonably well, considerably helped by her demonstrating and explaining the moves. I had stated at the start of the class that the only dancing I had previously done was in a Club and that I lacked coordination, but was surprised by how well I did. If you pay attention you can pick the moves up and if your position is not quite right then Flik will correct you so that you get the most out of your session.


With a total of 32 years experience at the top of the professional dance world, Victoria and Flik are the best people to coach you into achieving your dream body. Victoria is one of Birmingham Royal Ballet’s most recognised and respected First Soloists and has danced in productions all over the world meanwhile Flik has carved out a successful West End career, dancing for some of the most acclaimed choreographers and theatre directors!

I really found Flik’s enthusiasm infectious and I felt like I was among friends working out, it really was so much fun! It was a brilliant feeling and straight after I really felt I had worked hard. Now, the day after the class, my muscles feel as though they have had a thorough workout. I can particularly feel it in my thighs and my sides which is great as I am one of those people who like to know that I have worked hard.


After the class Flik asked me what I would like to achieve and then recommended classes which would help me meet my goals. I am going to try their 10 day trial and sample all of the live classes, there are even pre-recorded classes which you can download when ever you want.

For more information visit their website or follow them on Twitter.

I cannot recommend Sleek Technique enough and am now proud to call myself a Sleeker!


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    interesting- youve peaked my curiosity : )

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