The Fashion Tag.

I have been coming across quite a few of these tags recently although I think they have been going on for a while now. I thought it would be a good chance to let you see a bit more of my style. So here goes…..

Question 1

What is your favourite style to wear?

I wouldn’t say that I have a particular style as such, I tend to just throw on whatever. During the day I am more of a jeans kind of girl probably with a vest and blazer. I do like to try different looks just to see if they suit me.

Question 2

Who is your fashion role model?

I have to say Victoria Beckham, she always looks so stylish and put together. I would love to be like that all the time!

Taken from www.elleuk.comFrom

Question 3

What do you always have on?

The only thing that remains constant are my earrings, mainly because I can’t be bothered to change them. I have each ear pierced three times and always wear plain silver studs… boring is that.

Question 4

What are your favourite jeans?

I always wear Topshop Baxter jeans mainly because I cant find any others that fit me well enough (if you are size 6 length 32 and know of somewhere else then let me know!).

Question 5

What are your favourite sunglasses?

I currently have a Versace pair which are one of the few designs that will accommodate my lash extensions. I would like a pink pair of Raybans too. My dream pair are a gorgeous white butterfly design from fabulous eyewear designer Ritchie White.

Question 6

What are your favourite shoes?

I have a ridiculous amount of shoes but I adore my black wedges with embellished heel from KP Boutique and my Barbie heels from Crystal Elegance because they are unique.

kp boutique                                                                             barbie heels

Question 7

Who influenced you to write about fashion?

To be honest no one really. It led on from photographing fashion events for my degree and then led on from there really. I have since left my job of eight years and now work for myself writing for whoever wants (lets) me.

Question 8

What is your favourite store?

At the moment I would say Zara or H&M, I am trying to look after the pennies particularly while I attempt to build up my career. Plus Christmas is coming!

Question 9

Who is your favourite fashion person on Youtube?

To be honest I don’t generally watch Youtube, apart from the occasional hair tutorial. I always watch Carly Rowena and The Lean Machines too for any fitness tips/exercises.

Question 10

What is your favourite fabric?

Im torn between picking leather or mesh. I love my leather jacket and the jackets you see with the contrasting leather sleeves. I have also just got a shirt from Chic and Geek which is denim but with mesh sleeves and I love that too.

Question 11

Who is your favourite model?

Probably Miranda Kerr

Question 12

If you had £5,000 to spend on any one item, what would it be?

I can’t pick just one item! Maybe a couple of Mulberrys to add to my collection, some Louboutins would be nice too. Oooo and a Chihuahua (not for the bag).

mulberry willow#

Question 13

Heels or Flats?

Definitely heels!! Am I the only person who ends up with shredded feet from flat shoes? I find heels so comfortable and never lose blood wearing them, like I do flats.

Question 14 

What purse do you currently use?

I have a Mulberry Continental in orange which I love. I do have a Mulberry addiction!

Question 15

Is fashion in your blood or your jeans?


I would love to know the answers to all of your questions, so if you do the tag be sure to comment or tweet me!



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