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While working on my autumn wishlist I kept thinking of everything I wanted relating to fitness, so I decided to dedicate a post to it. If you are a regular you will know I have just written about my fitness goals and feel that if I have nice things to workout in it will increase my motivation.

Nike Free 5.0+ – £85. I have a great pair of Nike trainers that have been with me for a couple of years now and I love them. They are perfect for running (which is my passion) and have seen me through half marathons and many a long distance bike ride (the London to Cambridge for instance). I love the look of these trainers and have seen brilliant reviews on them so would like to give them a go for myself. This pair I customised with Nike ID which brought the cost out at £105, totally worth it if you are pounding the pavements and want to save your joints, while looking good of course!

Nike Pro Hypercool Compression Printed Sports Bra – £26. I already have a few sports bras which are all Shock Absorber that I use specifically for running. I was looking for a bra that would provide medium support, as this one does, which is perfect for cardio and weight training. I love the colour and the cool pattern.

Wake Up Work Out Cropped Top – £55. This long sleeve tee is perfect for throwing on over a vest. I love the slogan and the style. I normally only workout wearing a vest so would probably put it on after or wear it when I am doing something that isn’t too intense.

Skinny Chimp Chimpette Cut Vest -Currently £23.40. I love Skinny Chimp, I don’t know what it is about that little monkey face but he is just too cool. At the moment and until 31st October Skinny Chimp will be donating 20% of every sale of pink Chimpette vest to Breast Cancer Care. I will be sure to get mine this month!

Eco Yoga Mat Sweaty Betty – £39. From my fitness goals you also will have seen that I am wanting to try yoga so thought spending money on a mat would encourage me to get the use out of it. I am also going to try a session with Sleek Technique (watch out for my post this) and thought using a mat rather than slipping around on my wooden floors would help.

York Fitness Kettlebell – £14.99. I really believe in York Fitness products so if I am getting a new piece of equipment I will always make sure it I from them whether its my exercise bike or weights. I already have one kettlebell which I find really beneficial but would like a second to use them at the same time for various exercises.

What are your fitness must haves? I would love to hear about them x

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