My Fitness Goals

I have been thinking about my fitness levels a lot recently, probably because I am unable to exercise. Unfortunately I have glandular fever so I have been told I need to wait until all symptoms have gone before resuming any training. I have decided to put together a list of aims so that when I am back on top form I can crack straight on.


1. I think my first point has got to be decrease my percentage of body fat. I do not own scales and don’t believe in weighing yourself, I just go by how I look and how my clothes feel. I used to be quite toned as I did a lot of exercise so my percentage of body fat was really quite low. Now I am no longer exercising, even though I don’t think I have put on weight, I know that I have lost muscle tone. I shall be heading to have my body composition analysed (last done maybe a year ago!) so I know exactly where I stand.

2. Taking up a new form of exercise is something I have been wanting to do for a while now. I have always wanted to try yoga as I would like to be more flexible, develop my core and have also heard it could help my insomnia. Having spoken to my doctor it has been agreed that yoga is the only exercise I can undertake as long as I go gently and am sensible, and I can’t wait to give it a go!


3. New fitness challenge. Over the years I have pushed myself to complete various fitness related challenges from the London to Cambridge bike ride to a 12 hour swimathon as part of a team to the Adidas half marathon around Silverstone race track. I would like to complete another half marathon, take part in either the Spartan Challenge or Tough Mudder but my long term aim definitely has to be the London Marathon.

4. I have to stop mindless snacking. Unfortunately I am like a goat, I will eat anything and everything. While I have always been one of those (irritatingly) lucky people who don’t seem to put on weight regardless of what they eat, it would be nice if I stopped picking at everything that is not nailed down. I am overall pretty healthy, I make sure I eat a lot of fresh fruit and veg, oily fish and lean meat such as chicken plus I try to drink plenty of water. I am normally very disciplined but having recently started working from home it is all too easy to potter into the kitchen to nibble on something……I need to nip this in the bud!

Little pickers

5. Planning and motivation. If I want to succeed I need to schedule in time to exercise. If I write myself a to do list or have something written in my diary then I will complete it as I love a good check list. My plan is to set aside realistic amounts of time to exercise and if all goes well then I have the option to up that time……better that than get carried away and be unable to maintain the level.

I am itching to get started, some of these things like the healthy eating and the yoga I can start straight away……others will have to wait until I am better. I am hoping that by sharing my aims with you all that if I fail I am not just letting myself down! I will just have to remember my favourite motto…….


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