“I’m a Barbie girl!”

I first heard about Crystal Elegance via Twitter and High Street Fashion Week where I admired the luxury, bespoke products she creates such as stunning champagne bottles adorned with Swarovski crystals. I then saw a twitter post showing a photo of some amazing shoes, a peep toe covered in a Barbie design……I had to have some! Michelle (who is Crystal Elegance) very kindly offered to create me a pair. What I did not realise was that she does this by transforming a pair of shoes you already own. The beauty of this is that they are guaranteed to fit you and you are recycling at the same time!

I chose a pair I had bought from Faith at least five years ago and had only worn once or twice as they were plain pink satin and not really my style.


I didn’t need asking twice so I packaged up my shoes in a bit of bubble wrap and a jiffy bag and sent them on their way! It takes Michelle about seven days to complete the whole process but most of this is taken up with the drying and hardening time as she likes to make sure that there are lots of coats of polish over them. I couldn’t wait to see what they looked like so was ridiculously excited when I heard they were finished and on their way back to me!


Michelle had even made them their very own shoe box so that I can carefully store them.




Michelle has even thought about the sole of the shoes and I was able to choose a short word to go under the shoes. I went for “Gem” as it is what everyone calls me and “Life’s a catwalk” is unfortunately a little on the long side!

I absolutely love my personalised shoes as each pair that Michelle creates are completely unique, I can’t wait to wear them! If you would like a pair of your own, they don’t have to be Barbie….Michelle has also created Minnie Mouse and Marilyn Monroe pairs……then visit the Crystal Elegance website for contact details. Maybe you have a design in mind, in which case Michelle is always looking to try something new so go for it, I cannot recommend her enough!

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