New Collection: Leren Connor ‘Booted Not Suited’

I first met Leren through High Street Fashion Week and it is great to see how far she has come since then. Her latest collection is rather brilliantly called ‘Booted Not Suited’, a play on the more traditionally known ‘suited and booted’.

“Booted not suited more traditionally known as ‘suited and booted’ takes you through five different bold prints to create a collection inspired by the working ethics of women in todays society.

Each print portrays a role of work just made that extra bit funky with style and colours.

I decided to play around with the title and called it ‘booted not suited’ because I wanted to create something different for the working women with a concept of being a bit more out there rather than being typical and sticking to the normality of work wear” says Leren.

I love that each individual print in the collection represents a different role in the work industry such as the teapots which symbolise waitress.


















The Prints

Skulls – Tattoo Artist

Books – Librarian

Birds – Bird watcher

Teapots – Waitress

Fashion comic – Fashion Designer/seamstress


After an awful lot of deliberation I eventually decided that my ultimate favourite pieces from the collection have to be the fashion comic peplum and the fashion comic skirt. I love that each piece is quirky yet stylish and so wearable!

You can follow Leren Connor on Twitter, like her page on Facebook and even purchase current and previous collections from ASOSMarketPlace and Runway Republic.

A little birdy told me that Leren is already working on her next collection so make sure you keep your eyes peeled, she is definitely one to watch!!



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