Afternoon Tea at Harrods.

I realise this blog post is a little different to what I usually post about but I had such a brilliant time at Harrods that I had to tell you all.

For my best friend’s birthday we went to London and spent the day in Harrods. I absolutely loved it and only wish I had won the lottery beforehand, I do love a good designer shop.



When it came to the afternoon tea I was expecting fine china, cloth napkins and cake stands; and I wasn’t far wrong. I ordered a pot of the ‘afternoon’ tea, quite appropriate I felt, and it was the best tea I have ever tasted! When looking round the gift shop later on I did find that you can actually buy all of the teas that they serve.

When it came to the food two reasonable size stands came out for the four of us to share.


The bottom shelf contained a mix of finger sandwiches which of course had the crusts cut off! We had lobster (which I had never had before and loved), egg and cress, cucumber and cream cheese (it had a hint of mint which was really refreshing), smoked salmon and last but not least beef (which I generally don’t like but I think Harrods have succeeded in converting me!) The middle shelf had two plain and two fruit scones, again the best scones I have ever tasted, which came with little pots of jam and clotted cream. The cream was so good my mouth is watering now! Finally the top plate had a mix of tiny desserts ranging from raspberry macaroons, lemon meringue pies and fruit cake to chocolate and nut desserts and  a gorgeous caramel/custard slice.


Harrods knew that it was my friend’s birthday so they came out with a special dessert, complete with candle, just for her! I have no idea how she managed to eat it all as we were so full!

The service was as you would expect, amazing! A waiter was never far away ready to poor you another tea, I don’t think I have ever drunk so much! If you manage to eat everything on the table they will even refill the stands for you. As hard as we tried we could not eat it all (anyone who knows me will find this surprising) but if you ask Harrods will box up the rest for you to take away.

It was such a brilliant day, something that you generally only do once but I would definitely love to go back and next time I may add a flute of champagne to that afternoon tea!

As I sit writing this I am think about that little box sat in the kitchen, I may have to pour myself a cuppa and dig into a scone.


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