High Street Fashion Week Presents Fazane Malik.

Fazane Malik is a UK based designer from Derby who fulfilled a life long dream, together with a business partner, and started up her own label in 2011. Since then the brand has gone from strength to strength and is currently stocked in 11 online & physical boutiques in the UK, USA and Australia.

The idea behind the brand is to produce classic, timeless capsule collections that will fit easily into any working woman’s wardrobe whilst keeping them limited edition as no more than 50 of each style are produced.

Most importantly they believe in real women and have shot their AW13 collection on a size 12-14 and a size 6-8 to show that all of their clothes are wearable for women of any size.

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What inspired you to start up the brand?

I worked for the past 8 years in the fashion industry working for a clothing manufacturer developing and producing ranges for the likes of Hobbs, Jaeger, Monsoon, Paul Smith, Boden, Whistles and many more! Through the experience and confidence I gained through this as well as my life-long dream to have my own label I started my limited edition brand in response to the mass produced clothing that has become the norm here in the UK. I wanted to create a brand that produced beautifully made capsule collections every season that were timeless and had multi uses as I struggled as a busy career woman to find clothing that would last season after season and enable me to wear in different ways…for example when travelling with limited luggage space!

How would you describe your clothes?

Beautifully made capsule collections with easy pieces to fit into any working woman’s existing wardrobe. My collections do not follow trends so will last season after season….they are simple styles but with a twist…so for example our signature monochrome printed silk is usually featured in each garment as a trim, feature or lining.

Have you always been interested in fashion?

Yes from a very young age! I didn’t have a TV as a child as my parents wanted to encourage my creativity and I remember making clothes for my Barbie dolls aged four out of old pillowcases! I made my own clothes and designs throughout my childhood and teenage years and then went onto study it properly at college then university.

Luxurious fabrics such as silk and wool are used where possible with every pieve being finished to the highest standard. Most of their styles feature their signature monochrome printed silk satin in either the trim, lining or design feature.

Their target market is career women aged 25-35 but they appeal to women of all ages with their variety of styles so there really is something for everyone.

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How important is it that your designs are limited edition?

Very as I have always been slightly against all the mass produced and badly made clothing that is the norm and have never wanted to look like anyone else! With my brand being limited edition my customers will know that there has been more care and attention put into the designs and that they won’t see many other people wearing it! I also individually sign and number each piece so again my customers will feel extra special knowing I have taken the time to check and finish each garment individually and specially for them!

Which designers inspire you?

I have never been inspired directly by a designer in a design sense but I really admire Vivienne Westwood for her work ethic and determination to succeed! Not many people know that it took her around 12 years to actually make it so I think about her when the going is tough and I have my dark moments worrying that I’m not going to get anywhere!

If you could collaborate with any designer, who would you chose?

No-one famous as I said earlier I am not inspired by anyone in a design sense. I prefer to work and collaborate with up and coming designers such as myself and am working on a bag with a fellow HSFW designer Jenny Purchase so watch this space! For my personal style I absolutely love the Kooples so If you had to twist my arm then I would love a collaboration with them!

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What do you enjoy most about creating your own lines?

Freedom to do what I want and what I believe in but at the same time I do listen to my customers and try and create things they want otherwise I would never sell anything! I also absolutely love being my own boss!

How did you get involved with HSFW?

Through a designer friend of mine Tamara Joseph who is also showing…she recommended it to me.

How is preparation going?

Oh fine. I’m totally ahead of myself. I had my AW13 collection (which I am showing at HSFW) ready in line with all the other AW13 collections which launched in Feb so haven’t really had much to prepare!

What are you looking forward to most about attending?

Meeting new people, fellow designers and networking with like-minded people which is always fun. I’m also looking forward to a new audience seeing my designs and hopefully getting some more interest and new stockists.

#MARY DRESS £99.00


Photographer: Dean Spencer Jenkins, MUAH: Joanne Elizabeth, Stylist: Chelsea Jade Arnold, Shoes: Anna Kichenside & Stylists Own, Jewellery: Joanne Pollock, Fazane Malik & Little Teacup.

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