High Street Fashion Week Presents Chic and Geek.


Based in Kent, Chic and Geek started out of the need to create something fresh, exciting and most importantly something that’s accessible to everyone. Designer Stephanie Gregory loves fashion, but being a mother of 2 and working all the hours god sent, she was still unable to always afford to keep up with the latest trends. She decided she wanted to help others in the same situation.

The concept of Chic and Geek is to have garments that can have two personalities and that can adapt to your mood. Stephanie believes that every girl has to have their glamorous chic days and their preppy geek days.

What inspired you to start up the brand?

My inspiration behind setting up Chic and Geek was the need to create an enjoyable purpose for me within a ‘job’ setting. It was my unhappiness that sparked my fire to do something out of the ordinary and exciting. I put things that I loved together and then it was born.

How would you describe your clothes?

I’d describe my clothes as commercial with a quirky edge.

Have you always been interested in fashion?

I have always, always been interested in fashion. From a young age I’d rip up my clothes and try my hardest to make them look different and more adventurous. I’d love making things, painting and all things creative, and that is where I feel my happiest so it was easy to make the decision to do this. I’ve never been a catwalk stalker, but more of a create your own type of person.


If you weren’t in fashion what career would you of chosen?

If I weren’t in fashion I’d be a photographer or in TV production. Well I’d like to think so! Aim high.

Which designers inspire you?

As I said I’m not a catwalk stalker, but I do love to watch up and coming British designers such as Nikita Karizma who is more ‘up’ than the ‘coming’ at the moment. I think she’s brave and stands out massively and will go really far. I also really am in love with PAPER London’s current collection and also Draw In Light by Harry and Polly. I think they are really unique and very wearable. But mostly I admire the works of the good old high streets. They are what I live off so I am definitely inspired by them.

If you could collaborate with any designer who would you choose?

I’d love to collaborate with any of the above! It would be a huge honour and privilege.

What do you enjoy most about creating your own lines?

I enjoy the whole process mostly of creating something beautiful from nothing. It’s so rewarding and satisfying watching something come to life.


How did you get involved with HSFW?

I got involved with HSFW by seeing them on Twitter! I saw them tweet about it so therefore requested information, and the rest is history!

How is preparation going?

Preparations going well thank you, I’m getting there and am pretty confident that it should all go smoothly (famous last words). I’m trying to think of every eventuality so that I can be prepared for anything and everything. I’d be lying if I didn’t say that my stress levels are slightly higher than usual but that’s a good thing for me because it pushes me and also reminds me that I’m in the right Industry, it shows how much I care.

What are you looking forward to most about attending?

I’m looking forward to most at HSFW is meeting other brands, bloggers and press. That way I can make my brand personal. I’ve met a few of the other brands that are participating on Twitter and Facebook and I can’t wait to meet them in person.


Chic and Geek definitely have something for everyone. I personally have to have the owl jumper, practical but also very cute!


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