Too Poor To Blog

I couldn’t decide whether to write this post or not. What put me off is that it completely sounds like #FirstWorldProblems but at the same time it is how I’ve been feeling about blogging and why I haven’t been posting as regularly. Recently I have been feeling under pressure when… View Post

How To Get Your Enthusiasm Back For Blogging

Earlier this year I completely lost my enthusiasm for blogging. I didn’t know what direction to take my blog in and I had a serious case of bloggers block. I didn’t blog for a month (I have previously posted about my blogging break) and took this time to rediscover my… View Post

Why I Love Heels

To be completely honest I pretty much love all shoes (minus flip flops, wedges, crocs, etc) but heels are my absolute favourite. Heels have the power to take a plain outfit like jeans and a t-shirt and elevate it so you look like you have made so much more effort.… View Post